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Our American curriculum follows the Massachusetts State Standards. This means that students study English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science, along with Social Studies. 

These traditional subjects are complimented by studies in Art, Music, Drama (and French from Grade 6). Great emphasis is placed on students learning Arabic, Islamic Studies and UAE Social Studies. There is a high emphasis placed on sport and students from Grade 1 onwards enjoy three lessons of physical education every week. In Kindergarten, the emphasis is on play based learning and includes a strong focus on developing reading and numeracy skills, to make sure that students are ready for the demands of the primary years.

Departments & Subjects

Arabic Department                                                       
Arabic  / Islamic Studies  /  UAE Social Studies

Core Subject Departments
English Language Arts / Mathematics  / Science

Visual and Performing Arts Department
Art /  Drama /  Music

Physical Education Department
PE  /  Swimming

Enhanced Curriculum Subjects
Social Studies  /  French  /  ICT


Between Grades 2 and 10 SZPAB uses MAP testing to monitor the progress of students as they prepare to embark on the American Diploma.

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