Girls - Admission

Admission Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Sheikh Zayed Private Academy - Girls. 

We appreciate the confidence which you have shown in us by your inquiry. Please note the following procedures: 

- Application form 
- Health Record Form 
- Copy of student passport 
- Copy of Student National ID 
- Copy of legal parent’s passport and residence visa (non-National applicants) 
- Copy of family entry (for Nationals) 
- Copy of student's birth certificate (attested for non-Nationals) 
- 6 passport size photos 
- Copy of Immunization Card 
- Former School Report Form (Grade 1-6) 
- Copies of school reports for current and previous year(s). These must be stamped and signed by the previous school.

School Tours   

Tours of Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls (SZPAG) are conducted each school day, Sunday - Thursday.

Prospective parents interested in taking a tour of the school are very welcome to arrange this with our Parent Relation Coordinator (PRC) either by email: or by telephone: +971 2 6195555.

Admission Requirements

Admission to SZPAG requires that each student demonstrates academic and behavioral readiness through an application process that may include: confidential letters of recommendation and school records, assessments in Mathematics, English and Arabic, and an interview with School Personnel.   

Admissions testing is required for all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for entrance and grade placement. Students must be at appropriate academic levels in Reading, Math and Arabic (native speakers) to enable them to successfully access the SZPAG curriculum. Please note that students who are non-native Arabic speakers or native speakers who hold passports from non-Arabic countries may be exempt from the minimum language requirements.

If you would like to enroll your child at SZPAG, please complete the Online Student Registration / Enquiry Form.

Please check the list of documents and the attestation required to register your child with Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

Please note that completing the online registration / enquiry does not guarantee automatic entrance. Placements are offered based on successful completion of entrance criteria and are subject to a place being available in the requested grade.

Once a student has been accepted, subject to space availability, placement will be offered by Email and by SMS to parents. If the entering level is full, the accepted student will be placed on the waiting list. Waiting lists terminate at the end of the school year. Upon receipt of our email/SMS of acceptance, you will be asked to provide the following to confirm your child’s place: 

Deposit of 5% of the tuition fee. This amount is deductible from the annual tuition fee. 

Contact Details:For more information or questions regarding registration, please contact our: 

Main Reception: +971 2 6195555
Admission: +971 2 6195611