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Student Profile Girls 2


SZPAG is an inclusive school, we aim to provide an education for students of all abilities. We achieve this by appointing teachers who possess the expertise to differentiate learning experiences in the classroom as well as the wisdom to identify and develop the gifts and talents of our students. We take advantage of the very latest technology to make learning exciting and interesting, be it though iPad, LEGO or green room technology. As well as academic excellence, SZPAG provides a rich array of high quality opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom that support our quest to turn our students into the responsible leaders for tomorrow.


In addition to our curriculum, SZPAG runs a range of special programmes for our students, designed to further develop leadership and innovation skills, as well as a greater knowledge of their country’s traditions and religion.

- The Leadership Curriculum                             - The My Identity Programme                       - Qu’ran memorisation programme                 - Computer Explorers Club